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Forecastle Festival 2015

Cage the Elephant "Come a Little Closer"

My Morning Jacket "Outta My System"

Pepsi Beats of the Beautiful Game

McDonald's Bite Sized Theatre

The Belle Brigade "Ashes"

Keeping the Easter Bunny Productive

Dave Matthew's Band Album Release

McDonald's DJ Fishy ft. Two Fins

Gogol Bordello "Lost Innocent World"

Pringles Care In Every Can

Jane and the Alternative

AirCare Something's Afoul

AirCare Ahoy to Bad Odor

SAS Homepage

HP Dual Sim Vine Video

© Grant Kolton 2015


Grant Kolton is a freelance Director/Animator primarily working in traditional 2d frame by frame animation as well as mixed media/live-action. Previous work includes projects for Pepsi, My Morning Jacket, Dave Matthews Band, Cage The Elephant, Gogol Bordello, The Belle Brigade, AC Entertainment, HBO True Blood, McDonalds, Pringles, HP, PayPal, and more.


His work has been featured on national television and online including MTV, Vevo, Rolling Stone, Entertainment Weekly, Variety, Filter, MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles), and The Hammer Museuem.


 If you check out the process section you’ll see a few of the key steps that are a part of working together when creating your animation.


Grant earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Animation and Illustration from The California College of the Arts and currently resides in Los Angeles. In addition to his solo work he is also a part of the directing duo the Kolton Brothers with Ross Kolton.


Please feel free to reach out by either email or phone listed above.



Although every project is different I find following a particular production workflow helps ensure both high quality and a timely delivery.

The animatic is a collection of loose concept sketches set to time and synced with a pre-approved audio track that helps you get a better sense of the pacing and flow of your video as well as testing out ideas. Most of the exploration happens during this stage since this is where we nail the fundamentals of what will become your video.

The style test is a short sample of fully finished footage in the desired aesthetic based off the animatic to give you a clear 1:1 comparison of what the final animation will become.


I will happily keep you updated and send you clips as they become available while working towards the final animation. Once you view the final animation you will be able to make any final tweaks that weren’t already covered in the previous steps.


Some additional design and planning iterations may be necessary depending on your project’s complexity.


Check out the final Forecastle video in the work gallery.


© Grant Kolton 2015